“Useful Linux commands”

Part 1: ssh connection

  1. connect using username and password authentication: ssh username@clould_ip
  2. connect using key files:
    1. cd [keydir]
    2. chmod 400 keyfilename.pem
    3. ssh -i “keyfilename.pem” username@cloud_ip

Part 2: transfer file

  1. upload files from local machine to cloud machine: scp [local dir] username@cloud_ip:[cloud dir]
  2. download files from cloud machine to local machine scp username@cloud_ip:[cloud dir] [local_dir]
  3. upload for aws: scp -i [path to keyfile] [local dir] username@cloud_ip:[cloud dir]
  4. download for aws: scp -i [path to keyfile]username@cloud_ip:[cloud dir] [local_dir]
  5. Copy/Sync Files and Directory to or From a Server : rsync -avz exampledir/ root@ip:/home/
  6. change permission of certain file: chmod -R ugo+rw file
  7. Using rsync to transfer file from local to remote: rsync -rave “ssh -i PEMKEYFILE.pem” /path/to/local/files/* ec2-user@EC2_INSTANCE_HOSTNAME:/path/to/remote/files

Part 3: check info of files and directory

  1. count how many files in current dir: ls -l \(\mid\) grep -v ^l \(\mid\) wc -l
  2. check if a certain file exist in dir: ls x.txt && echo yes \(\mid\) \(\mid\) echo no
  3. check file/dir size:
    1. check dir size: du -sh [path to dir]
    2. check file size: du -h [path to file]
  4. count file in dir and its subdir : find . -type f \(\mid\) wc -l
  5. check how much space left on disk: df -h
  6. check file detailed info of a file : stat file

Part 4: vim for editting codes:

  1. undo: u
  2. move cursor by words: w

Part 5: using git

  1. add all: git add *
  2. undo add all: git reset

Part 6: tensorboard

  1. tensorboard –logdir=’./logs’ –port=6006

Part 7: check cpu info

  1. show cpu architecture info: lscpu
  2. check how many cores: echo “Threads/core: $(nproc –all)”

Part 8: runnning command in Backstage

  1. log system print info to log file: nohup python3 -u example.py > cmd.log &

Part 9: Maven

  1. compile java project: mvn compile
  2. run java file: mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=”lucene.search.Mutation”“


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